Coarse Fishing

    loch-ken-lkhc.jpg Loch Ken and other various waters in the surrounding area offer many opportunities for coarse fishing.

    Loch Ken is famous for its large pike attracting many anglers throughout the year and from all over the country. Whilst tickets are available from various sources to bank fish many anglers take to the water in chase of the elusive larger fish in quieter locations on the loch.

    Free fishing is available for guests staying in Ringour along the private stretch of land in front of the house.

    For further information including boat registration see: Lock Ken Information

    lkhc-coarse-fishing.jpg West Bank (Coarse Fishing)
    Contact: New Galloway Angling Association

    Address:   J.R.Hopkins Grocers, High Street, New Galloway.
    Tel:           +44 (0)1644 420229+44 (0)1644 420229
    Species:    Brown Trout, Roach, Perch, Pike
    Season:     All year
    Method:     All methods except live baiting